How Much Does a Hoverboard Cost? Updated Prices of 2021

How much does a hoverboard cost? Or How many are hoverboards? It is the thing that came to our minds. Whenever we buy or plan to purchase something in the market, the first thing that comes to our mind is the price. Similarly, the same question arises when we think about buying a hoverboard.

How Much do Hoverboard Cost

As we know that the price is the essential aspect when going to buy something like a hoverboard. In general, the cost of hoverboards is from 100$ to 700$, which mostly depends upon their quality, features, built-in material, and technology.

Mostly the price of the top-quality hoverboard is from 300$ to 600$ with prolonged battery timing, super fast speed, high-performance motor, and incredible lasting time.

Why This Cost for Hoverboards?

The things on which your hoverboard batteries usually depend are the following: high-quality motor, long-lasting battery, speed of a hoverboard, and much more. Also, the body frame and quality of materials are the other essential elements on which its cost relies.

Besides, the technologies also account for the price of the hoverboard. These technologies are: colorful LED lights, built-in Bluetooth speaker, resistance to water, and smart phone app are few to name.

So, we recommend you first compare your needs with these features and characteristics of the hoverboard before making any purchase.

Why This Cost for Hoverboards?

My question are you sure about buying a hoverboard with powerful features and lots of add-ons. Usually, you can buy a better hoverboard at less price if you skip some add-ons.

You may see differences in specs and qualities at different price ranges. If you go to a top-price hoverboard, you may see many unique abilities with the latest technologies. Moreover, these technologies are very convenient, indeed but not necessary.

For instance, a high-end hoverboard has a high-performing motor, top speed, excellent body look, reliable wheels, and many more.

Contrary, the low price range hoverboard has poor class features and less proficiency than high-priced models.

We Are Giving You a Breakdown of the Prices of Hoverboards and Their Features

100$ to 200$In this price range, you can expect a simple hoverboard for your kid with fair riding range, small size wheels, short battery timing, and durability. Also, you can’t find any add-ons and extras in these hoverboards. It means you will sacrifice many exciting things like colorful LED lights, higher speed, and onboard Bluetooth speaker.

1. 200$ to 500$

In my opinion, this price range is perfect for most people as it offers you a decent quality hoverboard with all the necessary features. Moreover, at this price, you can find hoverboard work add-ons and lots of unique features that you mostly can’t see for under 200$. So, that why we call this range a “sweet speck. Want to Read More Hoverboard Under $300

1. 500$ to $1000

The next level of price tag is above 500$ hoverboards. These are usually made for experienced riders and hobbyists. Moreover, the features and add-ons are great for any board lover. However, you, as a new rider, don’t need these hoverboards. If you go for this hoverboard, you can get high speed, durable wheels, and a long-lasting battery.

Is It Reasonable to Buy a Hoverboard Over a Brand New Hoverboard?

For some people, hoverboards can be an expensive option, so they often look for their cheap alternative like used models. If you go for them, you will save a lot of cash.

It may appear to be in brilliant condition, but its battery is suckered, motor performance is not at the peak, and internally you don’t know the exact situation. So, it’s a 50 50 chance. Sometimes you get a used hoverboard with all the things ok, but it all lost.

Also, the safety of the used hoverboard is not what you may expect. Moreover, they mostly don’t have any warranty with them if your used hoverboard stop is working, you have two options: the first one is to buy the newer product and the second one is to repair it. However, both of these options are very expensive if you hoverboard tumble.

So our advice is to buy a newer one which gives you decent value for cash.

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How Much Does a Hoverboard Cost for Repair?

If you have purchased a used hoverboard or if your brand new hoverboard’s warranty gets expired, then you are required to replace some parts and fix them. However, if you want to repair your overboard by yourself, you should watch videos about setting the hoverboard at home on Youtube.

Now we are going to share with you some repairing costs of hoverboard parts. Also, these are average estimates prices are not the same everywhere, so consider this factor.

This Is a List of Hoverboard Repairing at a Technician:

  • Motherboard = 150$
  • Gyroscope = 120$
  • Motor replacement = 180$
  • Hoverboard frame = 160$

Moreover, if You Want to Repair It by Yourself at Homes Them the Prices Are:

  • Motherboard = 30$ to 70$
  • Gyroscope = 20$ to 50$
  • Motor replacement = 80$ to 120$
  • Hoverboard frame = 20$ to 90$

Some Categories of Hoverboards Are Given Below:

Kids Hoverboard

These hoverboards are mainly made for kids and should only be used by them as they have a small motor and low weight-bearing capacity. Also, they have an engine which is 200 to 250 watts. Besides, these hoverboards usually have a battery timing of 45 to 75 minutes.

Moreover, the other specialty of kids hoverboard is that they include built-in colorful LED lights. They are mainly added to these hoverboards because kids are fond of fancy things, so adding these lights will make them happy.

Further, they are capable enough to give your kid a ride with a speed of 6 to 10 miles per hour in most cases. Lastly, they usually fall in a price range of 100 to 200 dollars.

Adult Hoverboard

The second category of the hoverboard is for adults. Therefore, we call them adult hoverboards. The price of these hoverboards is around 200 to 300 dollars mostly. Also, they have a fantastic feature like a built-in Bluetooth speaker for listening to your favorite music while riding over this adult hoverboard.

Besides, most of the adult hoverboard has a powerful motor or a set of two engines. And their motor’s wattage is usually in between 300 to 700, which is fine. Therefore, these motors have a power greater than kids hoverboard. You can expect these hoverboards’ speeds between 7.5 to 13 miles, which is up to the mark for a hoverboard device.

Moreover, you can expect these hoverboards to get fully recharged in 2 to 5 hours. Further, the weight-holding capacity of adult boards is 165 to 220 pounds, which is fantastic. Therefore, a user in this weight range can get a hoverboard ride without destroying it.

Off-road Hoverboard

Last and the most powerful among all the hoverboards is an off-road hoverboard. How Much Does a Hoverboard Cost these things are Notably, they are known as off-road because they can to used to ride off-road. Therefore, it means you can use them on river banks, sand, gravel, rocks, and all-natural terrain. There is no better alternative to these hoverboards if you want to use your hoverboard off the road.

Besides, these hoverboards’ wheel size is 10 inches, which makes them ideal for operation on all-natural terrain. Incredible, the motor of these devices is above 700 watts usually. However, these motors can give you a top speed of about 13 miles off the road, which is well desired. The price of off-road hoverboards is above 300 dollars.

Moreover, these off-road hoverboards have a battery charging time of 2 to 3 hours, which is acceptable but better than both kids and adult boards recharging time. Further, they have a climbing ability of 15 to 30 degrees. You need this feature in an off-road hoverboard because riding on a steep path helps you a lot.


After reading our guide, we are also sure that you get your response about which hoverboard to buy and which hoverboard will fit my requirements. Besides, you have also got your answer about which hoverboard is best for me in a specific budget. If you are still in confusion about how much hoverboards are or how much do hoverboards cost. So, best of luck with your hoverboard porch. Top 10 Best Cheap Hoverboards 2021 are Listed Check the reviews and Guides.

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