A reliable and good hoverboard – how to find the best one?

Hoverboards literally burst into the market, took by storm, and continue their triumphal procession along the sidewalks and bike paths. The internet is full of intriguing, funny, and downright scary videos of electric two-wheeled gyro boards. Thousands of people around the world are adopting compact transport. What to look for when buying a mini segway? Which gyro scooter is better to choose and why? Who claims to be the “Best Hoverboard of 2021/2022”?

A reliable and good hoverboard – how to find the best one?

A hoverboard (or mini-segway, aka hoverboard, gyro board) most of all resembles a skate, tapering in the middle of the platform. Only unlike its mechanical counterpart, electric motors turn the wheels in a gyro scooter, and the platform itself does not travel in length along the direction of travel, but in width. An original design combined with a unique type of control. Mobility, ease of use, and ease of maintenance. All this is about a hoverboard – which one is better to choose? There are several parameters that you should pay close attention to when choosing the best gyro scooter.


Power cell parameters may vary depending on the model, but most fully charged batteries provide a range of 15-20 kilometers. The faster the battery is charged, the faster the device will be ready for use. For example, the Ecodrift Smart Plus models take only an hour to fully charge the battery, and the Besshof AJ-PY-6 hoverboard takes three hours.


This indicator is similar for almost all models of gyro scooters. If there is a difference, it is only in the maximum speed. Moreover, most manufacturers, for safety reasons, normally in the factory settings limit it to 10-15 km / h. The best gyro scooter is not at all the one that whistles you to the nearest ditch, but the one on which you defile proudly and beautifully, having time to catch admiring glances.

The weight

In our opinion, an extremely important parameter. Especially if the hoverboard is planned to be used as an intermediate means of transportation. For those who like to ride in front of admiring young ladies in the park closest to the house, this indicator is not critical. But even in this case, carrying ten kilograms in your hands is not very pleasant. Some manufacturers, for example, IconBit, complete their models with special bags for carrying the gyro board.


Without a doubt, good materials used in the manufacture of a gyro board are assumed a priori. The better they are, the less likely you are in a couple of weeks to remember the famous saying about the stingy who overpays, thinking that he is saving. Give preference to models with a rigid metal cast frame. This design minimizes the risk of the gyro board platform bending and breaking. Buy through the store – the hoverboard must have an official guarantee, and the buyer must be able to receive comprehensive information on any question.


Size matters – this is about the hoverboard, which wheels are better depends on where the hoverboard will ride. The larger the wheels, the higher the permeability. But at the same time more weight and higher cost. Models with wheel diameters of 6.5 ‘, 7’, 8 ‘and 10’ are common on the market. Six to seven to eight-inch wheels are generally solid and tubeless. An uneven surface results in perceptible vibration. The smaller the wheels, the lower the clearance (the distance from the road surface to the bottom of the platform). Gyro scooters with smaller wheels are more maneuverable and more dynamic, but more sensitive to the quality of the road surface. Ten-inch wheels usually have a tube. Riding them is softer, and the gyro board can safely roll on a mowed lawn or an unpaved track.


The feet should fit completely. The platform surface must not slip. Don’t rely on intuition. A proven way to determine the best gyro scooters is the feedback from real users who have evaluated the model on their own experience.


LED indication is required. Light for a vehicle, even as tiny as an electric gyro board, is vital. It attracts the attention of other road users and indicates the position of a person on a hoverboard in road traffic.


Probably the most important and controversial parameter regarding gyro scooters. At first glance, the spread in the cost of models with similar functions cannot be logically explained. The problem is that mini-segways are a fairly new product. The market has not yet formed a clear rating of manufacturers and goods. Some unknown Korean and Chinese companies produce excellent models of gyro boards at quite democratic prices. The belated electronic giants entered the fight for the client and released electric segways with a basic set of functions and capabilities, but with a “markup” for the brand.

Which gyro scooter is better to buy, everyone decides for himself. Hoverboards are becoming less ambitious every day, but they remain one of the most fashionable and promising types of urban individual transport. In the near future, their cost is unlikely to drop significantly. But the quality, taking into account a significant number of manufacturers, will undoubtedly only improve.

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